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Shea Bryars

Shea is an interior designer familiar with all aspects of designing and building a home.  As the principal designer of Shea Bryars Design, Shea is adept at both the interior space planning and architecture of a home, as well as the creative details such as fabric and furniture selection. 

After graduating from Auburn University in 1997 with her degree in Interior Design, Shea began her career as a NKBA designer for firms in Atlanta and Birmingham.  Her success was fueled by the love of her work and in 2002 she became Southern Accents and Southern Living Magazine's Idea House Manager.  It is through this exceptional opportunity that she experienced the intricacies of interior design through building and furnishing the Idea Houses. 

In 2010, Shea began partnering with various contractors in Birmingham performing a myriad of design duties on new construction and remodels of homes.  Here she honed her skills in designing and constructing a home and in 2014 formed her own firm, Shea Bryars Design.


Shea has been blessed with a unique ability to quickly visualize, draw, and communicate design for her clients.  This gift, coupled with her extensive experience, is what distinguishes her from her contemporaries.  Her balance of candor and good humor create a dynamic partnership between client and designer that is decisive and productive, yet fun and easy. 


Her work has been described as "timeless, yet current" and her portfolio stretches from southern traditional to modern contemporary.  Shea is passionate about keeping the vision of each individual project loyal to the client's preferences resulting in a home that reflects the family's individual style and taste. 

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